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It's very easy to locate your school on our database. Choose the method that suits you to find your school... Simply enter your school's post code, title (or part of it's title) or the town the school is located in.

Once you have located your choice of school you will be given details of that schools criteria or code of uniform. You will also see a image of the logo that will be embroidered to the products you choose.

Post Code: If you know the postcode of the school your looking for click this option and it will give you a match for schools within that postcode area. You can then choose from the shortlist the school you want to look at.

Title: This search will give you a list of schools with the same or similar title to the one your looking for, then choose your school from the list of available choices.

Place: Use this search to show all the schools under the place name you enter - for example, typing in "Durham" will bring all the schools in Durham.